Spend a relaxing all inclusive weekend away with local painter Melanie Smith and personal chef Lori Butler in beautiful Bauline East, Witless Bay. Complete with Spanish inspired cuisine and intimate class instruction in Oil Painting, this is sure to be a memorable adventure!

Personal Chef Lori Butler with be creating and preparing all your beautiful meals, with her creative flair and passion for cooking,

you are sure to be satisfied.

Your meals this year will be inspired by various regions of Spain and will included, Basque Country Sheepherders Bread, Chicken and Shrimp Paella from the Valencian area and Gypsy Omelet with Ham and Chorizo Sausage from the Andalusia region.

Local Painter Melanie Smith will provide a full weekend of instruction in Oil Painting. You will learn about the importance of the grisaille and the veil, adding mediums, and much more... For the Experienced and the Beginner, Everyone welcome!

New date to be announced!

Place: The Whale Watcher B&B

Overlooking the Witless Bay Ecological Reserve

Bauline East, Newfoundland


For more information contact:

Melanie Smith: meldsmith@hotmail.com


The cost of this all-inclusive weekend is 375.00 tax included. There are various rates available for couple/friends packages and private rooms are available at an increased rate.

For information on registration please contact Melanie @ 576-0740 or meldsmith@hotmail.com.

To Mail Payment

Melanie Smith
22 Hamilton Avenue
St.John’s, NL
A1E 1H7

Lori Butler
2 Sherwood Drive
St. John's, NL
A1E 2X4

Alla Prima Panting Technique

Weekend with an Artist and a Chef May 2010 Workshop: Painting Instruction
Image and technique for this workshop courtesy of Artist Lorne Bishop (http://lornebishop.com)
Alla Prima
Step 1: Have a solid drawing. Ideally you should have a value sketch done on a scaled piece of paper. This will be used throughout the painting process as a value reference for your painting.
Step 2: Do an outline of your sketch on tracing paper. Using carbon paper, trace your image onto your canvas.
Step 3: Go over your outline sketch on your canvas with India ink and allow drying
Step 4: Create a thin veil using burnt sienna over the whole surface and allow drying
-medium for veil: 10 parts thinner or turps to 1 part darmar varnish.
Step 5: Add Copal medium to each oil pigment on your palette.
Step 6: Have clean thinners available to clean your brush if need be, otherwise clean brushes with a clean dry cloth.
Step 7: Begin brushing in your color. Depending on how long your paints are sitting out, they make get stiff as you continue to paint. You may use extra copal to loosen the pigment if need be.
Materials used for this workshop:
Veil- 10 parts thinner or turps – 1 part darmar varnish
Thinner or odorless solvent
India ink